Alek Rose Awarded 2011 Toyota Camry

On January 25, 2019, we presented our latest vehicle to Alek Rose of Carbondale. Alek was without a vehicle to help him get to and from work every day. His transportation dilemma was compounded by a recent bicycle accident that left him with a broken left arm.

Marion Toyota team members Bridget Vale, Doug Janz and David Mayer took part in the selection process and were on hand when Alek discovered that he is now the owner of this 2011 Toyota Camry. Congratulations Alek and thank you to all of the team members at Marion Toyota and Marion Collision Center who helped make this possible.
1st Project CAR Presented to Teresa Collins

On June 22, 2018 we awarded our very first Project CAR to Teresa Collins. 

Despite having been steadily employed at the same care facility for nearly 20 years, this single mother of seven children had access only to an ancient, failing, unreliable vehicle.  Although she poured every available dollar into constant patches and repairs, she frequently had to walk 3 miles to work regardless of weather, could only grocery shop if someone was able to drive her to the regional store several miles away, and could not safely transport her children or grandchildren. 

Having spent a lifetime putting others' needs before her own, she didn't even nominate herself for this program!  A friend and colleague who knew her remarkable story nominated her, and we're very glad she did. Teresa's life story and character both moved and inspired us.

For all the Marion Toyota and Marion Collision Center associates involved in rehabbing this first Project CAR, it's been a proud, memorable experience.  Tremendous thanks go to the generous couple who donated their car to be repaired and made this first award possible.  We wish Teresa all good things in her newly mobile future.
How You Can Help

  If now or in the future you have an older car that might be suitable for repair and reconditioning to help a family in need, please contact us to learn how you can partner with Project CAR.

  If you have a car that is not in operating condition but you'd still like for it to benefit the program, contact us to see how it could be salvaged to assist with Project CAR expenses.

  If you don't have a car that you could make available to the program, you can always choose to help with the expense of acquiring and rehabbing vehicles for Project CAR.

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