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Toyota-Mazda Set Off Secret Race For 4,000 - Job Plant

One of the biggest potential job-creating bonanzas in the country, a giant new auto plant proposed by Toyota and Mazda, began in secret with a mysterious code name.

Now it has become a full-blown race among states to try to reel in the $1.6-billion project that will create 4,000 good-paying direct jobs.6-billion project that will create 4,000 good-paying direct jobs.6-billion project that will create 4,000 good-paying direct jobs.6-billion project that will create 4,000 good-paying direct jobs.6-billion…

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Toyota and Servco Pacific Inc. Pilot Test New Car Share Application

Toyota and Servco Pacific Inc. Pilot Test New Car Share Application
Toyota and Servco Pacific Inc. (Servco) have partnered to test a new car-sharing technology in Honolulu. The suite of software and services is an important part of Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) which will offer various functions to enable a more convenient mobility experience. When the employee-only pilot testing program concludes, Servco, the distributor of Toyota vehicles in Hawaii, will use the car-sharing technology to launch a new Honolulu-based car share business by the…
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Camry's Engine Tech will Spread Across Toyota

Toyota is overhauling it's engines to boost fuel economy, cut emissions and increase performance.  But unlike other automakers, Toyota does not plan to reduce engine size and strap on turbochargers across the board.

Eventually all of Toyota's engines will get the same technology that debuted in the redesigned 2018 Camry, Ben Schlimme, Toyota Motor North America's powertrain executive program manager for advanced planning and research, said at the CAR Management Briefing seminars…
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Toyota chooses Xevo Software to Power 2018 Camry App Suite

The prevalence of infotainment systems mean that when an automaker scopes out suppliers for a new model, it needs to consider software companies alongside manufacturers of more traditional components like transmissions and seat fabric.

That's particularly true with Toyota, which has opted not to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smart connectivity, as many other automakers now do. Instead, it's trying to build similar functionality into the 2018 Camry's infotainment system using…

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Toyota Creates Amazing Electric Truck Prototypes That Could One Day Clean Up Marion Highways

Trucks are something we all have to deal with when commuting down I-57. We don't mean pickup trucks, like the Tundra or Tacoma—we mean semi trucks. Tractor trailers. Big-rigs.

They groan along the highway like slow-moving, yet terrifyingly massive whales, blowing smoke instead of water out of their tops.

Thanks to Toyota's "Project Portal," one day, things could be different.

In the wake of launching the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai, the...


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Toyota Opens New North American Headquarters in Plano

Three years ago, Jim Lentz asked team members to envision a unified North American headquarters in Plano, Texas.

That dream became a reality on Thursday when Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) celebrated the official opening of Toyota’s new corporate campus – joined by hundreds of dignitaries, community leaders and members of the media.

“This is an extraordinary next step in Toyota’s 60-year journey in the…

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Choose Your Economy Car: 2017 Toyota Yaris, or Yaris iA?

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The Toyota Yaris is a classic, no-frills economy car. Many think of it as a "city car" thanks to its subcompact size, but it's fully capable of highway driving, where it will fetch you excellent fuel efficiency. Recently, another Yaris has appeared on the scene: the 2017 Yaris iA.

Who is this newcomer, and which should you choose?

The Yaris iA is the rebranded model that was formerly the Scion iA. Reading over the specs of both cars, it's easy to see why the assimilated Scion took on the Yaris badge. Both are priced starting just under $16…

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All-New Toyota Camry Developed To Deliver A Total Driving Experience

With the full implementation of Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA) in the new Camry, the car's designers and engineers had an opportunity to develop the eighth-generation model from scratch. So instead of resting on past laurels and taking the safe route of basing the new model on the same formula that has made past Camrys the best-selling mid size sedan in the world, Chief Engineer, Masato Katsumata, had other plans. He wanted to…
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A New Story Begins With The First -Ever Toyota C-HR

The first-ever 2018 Toyota C-HR – a stylish and technology-filled subcompact SUV crossover vehicle -- representing a leap forward in design and innovation – is launching with a mischievous and clever marketing campaign for creative instigators.
The C-HR, stylish and sleek, has the sportiness to impress thanks to Deputy Chief Engineer, Hiro Koba, who is a diehard racer with speed coursing through his veins. Koba and team made sure the C-HR exhilarates its driver anytime, anywhere, satisfying mischief-makers and trend-setters alike.

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