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On a Budget? Consider a Used Car

If you like to make smart investments, buying a used vehicle makes a lot of sense. Buying a used vehicle over a new one will save you a lot of money on dealer's fees, depreciation, and on high registration fees.


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Meaning of Various Dashboard Warning Lights

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, a signal will flow through the electrical system into the car dashboard. This may cover a vast range of issues, and some of them might be very dangerous to your safety as well as the car. Here are the few meanings of various car dashboard lights.
• Tire pressure warning light
This symbol in the car dashboard looks like a Buckingham Palace guard. This shows you that the pressure in one your car tires is low and you should attend to it.

• Traction control This warning looks a Cthulhu that is wearing a fedora…
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The Right Tires to Get You There

Understanding the different tire types and what they offer is essential since different tires are suitable for various vehicles. Light trucks and passenger vehicles use tires that ensure a smooth ride when on roads with varying conditions.

Passenger tires

Their design feature comfort and a quiet ride from their rubber components. Their tires are designed for reliability and are more responsive when handling. They include:
• All-season tires whose symmetrical tread patterns and circumferential grooves maintain functionality in wet weather grip
• Summer tires, optimized for...
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Lease End Options to Consider

You Have Many Options Available To You When Your Car Lease Expires

The end of your current lease does not mean that you have to part ways with the car you are currently leasing. If you want to keep driving the car you are leasing right now, you have the option of buying it out. Simply bring the vehicle to the dealership and let them know you want to buy the vehicle out so you can keep it. 

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Toyota Celebrates 60 Years in the U.S.

When Toyota launched its North American headquarters in a Hollywood, Calif., dealership on October 31, 1957, it was, no doubt, a frightening affair.
Halloween notwithstanding, a Japanese car company making a foray into the U.S. market was a bold move 60 years ago. And its first vehicle, the Toyopet Crown, didn’t turn out to be a screaming success either.
But since those humble beginnings in a 3,000-square-foot, one-time Rambler dealership, Toyota has…
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2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, a Global SUV Legend With Elegance

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The Land Cruiser name is legend around the globe, a tough-as-nails SUV that established itself through decades of all-terrain adventure. A funny thing happened along the way: Land Cruiser evolved into a premium luxury model while getting even tougher, turning into a flagship SUV for the brand with no peer among its competitors. And does it have some history! The 1957 Land Cruiser, a bare utility machine, was among the first Toyota vehicles sold in…
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Time to get your car ready for winter

Very soon snow will be falling in Illinois and getting your vehicle ready for the winter freeze may help you stay safe and warm. Most people put more miles on their vehicles in the summer with all the activities and trips that come with the warm weather, but winter driving safety is just as important.

As winter approaches, it's time to make sure any neglected items are taken care of. The first place to start is the antifreeze. Coolant systems that are not in the right proportion can lead to overheating or, more likely, freezing in the case of…

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Toyota Tops Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Toyota and it's luxury brand Lexus occupy the top two positions in the latest reliability rankings from Consumer Reports.  This is now the 5th year in a row that either Toyota or Lexus has been at the top of the list.

Kia, Audi and BMW joined Toyota and Lexus in the top five.  Ranked lowest at the bottom of the list were automakers Cadillac, GMC, Ram, Dodge and Volvo.  Toyota has maintained a slow…
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Marion Toyota and Marion Collision Center Team Up for Project Car

Initiative will provide less fortunate individuals and families with reliable transportation.

Project CAR (Caring Auto Rehab) is now actively seeking donated vehicles that will be refurbished and repaired for southern Illinoisans in desperate need of a reliable vehicle.  Project CAR is a joint effort between Marion Toyota and Marion Collision Center.  Marion Toyota and Marion Collision Center want to utilize their team members for what they are best at...automobiles.  They'll donate their time…
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