Marion Toyota believes in its corporate responsibility to protect the environment wherever possible. We realize that an automotive dealership can have a large impact on our environment. We're committed to recycle as much paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, waste oil, fluids, tires electronics and cardboard as possible. 

Throughout our store, you'll find recycling collection containers. In addition, most of our parts shipments come in plastic containers that are then sent back to reuse. And we no longer use styrofoam containers in our customer lounge for cups or plates.

Here's a breakdown of some of our collection efforts in the last year:

  • 66 cubic yards of cardboard
  • 127 cubic yards of plastic
  • 46 cubic yards of paper
  • 1,600 pounds of aluminum
  • 5,100 pounds of scrap metal
  • 7,200 oil filters
  • 16,400 gallons of waste oil and transmission fluid

  • 515 gallons of engine coolant
  • 55 laser toner cartridges
  • 1,620 tires
  • All electronic equipment (computers & printers) are recycled
That's over 200,000 pounds of waste that previously could have ended up in a landfill.
We take seriously our commitment to recycling and source reduction. Our goal is to be the most environmentally responsible company in southern Illinois.


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