Why Buy a Toyota



Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Toyota

1. Durability
According to Polk®, 80% of Toyota's sold twenty years ago are still on the road. That adds up to savings.  When you decide to get into a new Toyota, you'll know that every car or truck is built to last. Keeping you on the road in a quality, safe, and durable vehicle is a hallmark of every Toyota car, truck or SUV.

2. Best Resale Value
Kelley Blue Book ranks the Toyota brand highest in resale value. Kbb says, "it's simple, just make a quality vehicle that improves people's lives, give it an affordable price, and make sure the vehicle is the most comfortable, reliable, and enjoyable vehicle in its class. Toyota does just that in plenty of its offerings, and it shows with KBB's prestigious best brand awards for many of Toyota's products."

3. More AWD/4WD Vehicles
In the auto industry, nobody has more AWD and 4WD vehicles on the market than Toyota. And with some of the most fun designs, Toyota is a top pick among the outdoor crowd who are looking to bring some value, style, reliability, and functionality to their adventures. Year after year, Toyota gets the most industry accolades for its lineup of AWD and 4WD vehicles.

4. Top Safety Pick
Safety is a number one concern among Toyota owners, and Toyota makes safety a number one concern in its cars and trucks. In the past year, Toyota has had more IIHS top safety picks than any other car or truck brand. More than just reliable and durable, the Toyota brand is about safety too.  Toyota's Star Safety System is a package of 6 key safety features (Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Smart Stop Technology) that you will find as standard equipment on every Toyota vehicle.

5. Most American Made
There's a lot of talk around about what makes an "American Made" car. Toyota ranks higher in the amount of American sourced and built cars and trucks than many of the "domestic brands". The American content in a Toyota usually rivals, or exceeds a number of domestic brands.  Cars.com has named the Toyota Camry as "the most american-made car" each of the last 3 years.

6. Most Innovation
Toyota created the hybrid automobile segment with the introduction of the Prius, and that innovation continues with every new Toyota model. Toyota has been an industry leader in efficiency, economy, and quality for decades and has built a loyal following of people who realize Toyota is a major innovator.

7. Best Reliability
JD Power consistently ranks Toyota vehicles near the top in reliability rankings. Toyota has a legendary reliability reputation among owners.  When you purchase a new or used Toyota, you're getting a highly reliable automobile.

8. Top Residual Value
Holding value isn't just a good thing for resale.  It also matters at lease turn in time. Automotive Lease Guide consistently ranks Toyota vehicles at or near the top for lease residual values.

9. Green Vehicles
With the most vehicles in Kelley Blue Book's top green vehicles for 2014, Toyota leads the field in green technology.  Nobody does environmentally friendly vehicles like Toyota.

10. Quality
Historically, Toyota vehicles have always been known for exceptional quality.  Year after year, customers find that the overall quality of Toyota is tops in the industry. Consistently high numbers and rankings from independent car authorities prove that a Toyota is your best bet whenever considering a new car, new truck or new SUV.