Vehicle Paint Match Technology

Unparalleled Paint Matching Capability

Matching the paint color of your vehicle can be one of the most difficult tasks for a body shop to accomplish.  Each vehicle manufacturer has standard paint codes that anyone can access and try to match.  But there are subtle differences in every paint color depending on the factory your vehicle was painted in, the date it was painted, and under what conditions.  The Sikkens paint system used by Marion Collision Center takes into account these differences and give us the capability to match your vehicle color precisely.  Because, at Marion Collision Center, we think the only thing worse than having an accident, is having a poorly painted car sitting in the driveway to remind you of it. 

Sikkens  is a world leader in car refinishing for more than 100 years.  Sikkens offers the finest products on the market together with services, training and support for our technicians.  Sikkens  paints are faster to apply and require fewer coats.  This results in better, more consistent finishes.  It also means that a customer gets their car returned to them quicker than ever before.  Sikkens paint products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty  that covers cracking, checking, hazing, chalking, fading and peeling.  Ask us for more details.