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Toyota and why it's the Car Brand for You

How do you choose the car brand for you? With so many manufacturers, brand loyalty is often difficult to find. We know we may be biased, but even looking at objective evidence, there are some pretty great reasons to choose Toyota.

  • Longevity: According to recent analysis, Toyota is one of the longest lasting car brands on the market. Looking at how quickly vehicles depreciate, based on a study of over a half a million cars…
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Toyot a Tundra vs Tacoma

Tacoma TRD Sport 2018 Toyota Truck

When looking for a new Toyota truck, you may be asking yourself, should I buy a Tacoma or Tundra? Well, at Marion Toyota, we know how excellently built all Toyota vehicles are, so the choice is really about weighing the pros and cons of each model and comparing how well the different features will suit your specific lifestyle. Read on for some helpful comparisons between the Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota Tundra before making your…
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Which 2019 Toyota Sienna is right for you?

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The 2019 Toyota Sienna is available in many several trims and configurations. This can become overwhelming for a prospective buyer. Five main trims are featured: L, LE, SE, XLE, and Limited, with the top three trims further offering a Premium sub-trim. The LE and XLE trims also feature a model that comes with a power-operated Auto Access Seat. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is available on all but the lowest trim, and you…
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2019 Toyota Prius AWD- e Brings Better Traction To The Brand's Signature Hybrid

The popularity of the Toyota Prius is shrinking faster than the polar icecaps. In 2016, sales dipped below 100,000 units for the first time since 2004. Last year they fell 33 percent. With 2018 drawing to a close, Prius sales are down another 23 percent. Even with the arrival in January of the new 2019 AWD-e model—which Toyota says should be good for a quarter of next year's sales—the company's…
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Most Common Causes For A Flat Tire

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Few things are more inconvenient than a flat tire on your way to work or an important event. No one ever expects it to happen, but people get flats and find themselves stranded every day of the year for various reasons. These are a few of the top reasons people find themselves with a flat:
Extreme Temperature: If you’ve ever experienced a steep drop in temperature overnight, you may have noticed the “low pressure…
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Tips For Parents Who Are Teaching Their Teen How To Drive

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If you are a parent who has a teen that is already driving or nearing the day they will be permitted to drive, there are a few tips we feel are important for you to be aware of that will help prevent your teen from engaging in a collision. As you may know, teen drivers are more susceptible to being involved in an accident than any other age group. In an effort to keep these…
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5 Tips For Fall Car Care

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Fall is almost here and October is just around the corner. Many families are excited to start decorating and taking kids out for Fall festivities. Choosing costumes for Halloween parties and Trick-or-treat. But there is one more thing we must not forget as Fall approaches, and that is make sure to do some Fall car care. Take a little time out of those busy schedules to be sure your car is ready for Fall, and…
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Toyota Testing Car Connectivity in Ann Arbor

Toyota is teaming with the city of Ann Arbor to jump-start testing of the car connectivity system that the Japanese carmaker plans to deploy stateside in 2021.

A network of roadside sensors will communicate with specially outfitted cars to improve everything from safety to traffic flow. The expanding system, expected to be the world's largest connected-car test bed by the end of this year, is run by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute…

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Toyota Tops Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Toyota and it's luxury brand Lexus occupy the top two positions in the latest reliability rankings from Consumer Reports.  This is now the 5th year in a row that either Toyota or Lexus has been at the top of the list.

Kia, Audi and BMW joined Toyota and Lexus in the top five.  Ranked lowest at the bottom of the list were automakers Cadillac, GMC, Ram, Dodge and Volvo.  Toyota has maintained a slow…
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2018 Camry Aces IIHS's Tests - Top Safety Pick PLUS


The redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry is a Top Safety Pick+ award winner this year, the independent insurance industry-funded agency announced Tuesday.

The 2018 Camry improved on the outgoing model’s rating last year with better headlight and better forward-crash prevention technology, although the 2017 Toyota Camry was a Top Safety Pick + by the agency too.  

The 2018 Camry scored top “Good” ratings on all of its crash tests, a top “Superior” score on its front…

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