How do you choose the car brand for you? With so many manufacturers, brand loyalty is often difficult to find. We know we may be biased, but even looking at objective evidence, there are some pretty great reasons to choose Toyota.

  • Longevity: According to recent analysis, Toyota is one of the longest lasting car brands on the market. Looking at how quickly vehicles depreciate, based on a study of over a half a million cars across two decades, New York-based Mojo Motors determined that Toyota and Honda vehicles retain their value longer than vehicles made by any other manufacturer. Kelly Blue Book agrees, consistently ranking Toyota above competitors when it comes to holding value.
  • Durability: 80 percent of Toyotas that were sold 20 years ago are still on the road. When you buy a Toyota, you’re buying a reliable vehicle that will serve you well for many years.
  • Resale Value: Toyota vehicles consistently earn top rankings from Kelly Blue Book for having the highest resale value. Many Toyota models also earn best brand rankings from KBB.
  • Safety: Toyota prioritizes safety. In fact, in 2013 Toyota earned more top safety pick rankings from IIHS than any other car or truck brand.
  • American Made: Even compared to domestic brands, Toyota consistently meets or exceeds the amount of American sourced and built cars.
  • Innovation: Recognized around the world as a major innovator, Toyota has long been an industry leader when it comes to efficiency, economy, and quality. One example of the company’s innovation is that Toyota consistently leads the field in green technology. Since the advent of the Prius, we’ve been industry leaders in eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Reliability: Toyota vehicles always make the top of the list in JD Power’s rankings: in particular, the reliability ranking. It’s just another example of the experts backing up what Toyota owners have always known, that whether you purchase a new or used Toyota, you’re getting a high-quality, reliable vehicle.
  • Quality: In the end, it all comes down to quality. It’s why Toyota owners hang onto their vehicles, and experts at companies like JD Powers and Kelly Blue Book consistently give Toyota high marks. Toyota vehicles are made to last, with safety, quality, and reliability at the top of our priority list.

If you’re ready to find your Toyota, you can’t go wrong when you shop with us. Our unmatched service, combined with our diverse Toyota inventory, have given us the reputation that makes us the preferred dealer in the Southern Illinois area. What’s more, we offer maintenance to keep your car and all its systems running in top condition. When you purchase or lease a vehicle from us, you have access to the Jerry’s “It’s About You” loyalty program, which provides service long after the manufacturer’s service package has expired. It’s just one of the ways our entire team works together to make car shopping fun again by exceeding your expectations and delivering the best service possible.

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