Impact Protection in the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota has gone above and beyond to make sure that you're protected should you ever experience an accident. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is equipped with a robust airbag system. The popular hybrid crossover SUV has eight separate bags throughout the cabin.

On the front seats, there's an advanced airbag system. It works with various sensors to provide the right amount of protection. There are also side bags that are installed directly onto the sides of the seats. To protect your lower body, knee airbags are installed on the front as well. In the back of the cabin, side-curtain airbags are used. They work with sensors that can detect if the SUV is rolling after a side impact.

We invite you to visit us at Marion Toyota today to learn more about how the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is built to keep you safe. We'll walk you through the features and set you up for a test drive around Marion, IL so that you can see how great this SUV really is.



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