A Few Facts About Your Car's Muffler and Exhaust System

Every vehicle on the road today has a muffler and exhaust system. Both components serve multiple roles in your car, but the most important roles often include reducing engine noise and remove the harmful gases and other emissions that come from your car's engine.

The most important components of an exhaust system include but are not limited to the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, the catalytic converter and the tailpipe. The muffler on your car is a component of the exhaust system. The muffler's job is to turn sound waves from your engine into heat, which then reduces engine noise. If you have ever heard a car with a bad or missing muffler, you know exactly what it sounds like.

Do you think your car's exhaust system is hurting your engine's overall performance? Visit us today at Marion Toyota and let one of our specialists see if your exhaust system and muffler are in working order.


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