Toyota Camry Safety Features

The Toyota Camry is all-new this year with an incredible new safety package called Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). Highlander, Sienna, Prius, and the new Camry as well as other models now come standard with TSS, including lane departure alerts, automatic high beams, dynamic radar cruise control, and pre-collision prevention.

Collision seems to be the most important to the latest safety features, as now drivers can actually automatically brake when a collision is detected. The collision prevention feature also sounds an alarm when you are about to have a frontal collision. Currently, TSS doesn't prevent reverse collisions.

The collision system also has a pedestrian detection feature. Now the car will brake if there is a possible collision with someone crossing the street. Many of the new Toyotas have won best in safety for their class. Camry was in the top 10. Come test drive the new Camry at Marion Toyota.
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