Consumer Demand Rises for 2011 Prius

With worldwide sales already reaching about two million, demand for the world's best selling hybrid car is surging.

"Consideration of the 50-mpg Toyota Prius among its online shoppers is up more than 30% since the beginning of the year, rising almost in parallel with gasoline," said recently, in a prepared statement. "That's triple the 11% increase in consideration of all hybrids and of all small cars in general."

But what about Prius availability? Edmunds noted that all Japanese hybrid models are built in Japan. "With increased demand, there could be constraints on availability and options," Edmunds said. "However, most closed production plants in Japan are scheduled to open the week of March 21, so it is unlikely at this time there will be shortages."

Toyota said Prius dealer inventory levels are "generally still adequate." One of Toyota's three Japanese hybrid battery plants are still running, after obtaining only limited damage from the massive earthquake that recently struck. The other two facilities are located in central Japan and continue to function.

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