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Popular Toyota Highlander becomes minivan alternative

A measurement of the popularity of three-row crossover sport utility vehicles - such as the Toyota Highlander - is the way they have taken the place of minivans, once the family vehicle of choice.

Minivans are still the most practical and efficient passenger automobiles on the planet. They seat up to eight people comfortably with plenty of room for cargo, while also offering decent handling and good fuel economy.

In contrast, midsize crossover SUVs usually have a…
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Toyota Adds Professional Snowboarder Chloe Kim to Team Toyota Roster

Snowboarding star Chloe Kim – the youngest member of the U.S. Snowboard Pro team and the Olympic hopeful named one of TIME Magazine's "30 Most Influential Teens" and NBC's Top 10 athletes to watch for the 2018 Winter Games, has agreed to a multi-year partnership to become the newest addition to Toyota's team of athletes. The collaboration marks the continuation of the automaker's athlete sponsorship model launched in 2006, and secures…
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Review: Toyota iM is a brand worth buying into

Toyota has said it plans to phase out the Scion brand at the end of the year, but the cars such as stylish Scion iM hatchback will not disappear since demand for small, subcompacts remains surprisingly robust even as sales of pick-up trucks and utility vehicles rise.

The subcompact segment might even expand as city-dwelling buyers, both young and old, search for vehicles that can fit into increasingly scarce parking spaces in urban areas, while…
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Toyota to pioneer use of biosynthetic rubber in engine and drive system hoses


Next month, Toyota will become the world’s first automaker to use biohydrin, a newly-developed biosynthetic rubber product, in engine and drive system hoses. Central Kentucky is the primary location for the production of the Toyota Camry, the brand’s most popular model.

Jointly developed by Toyota, Zeon Corporation, and Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd., biohydrin rubber is manufactured using plant-derived bio-materials instead of epichlorohydrin, a commonly-used epoxy compound. Since plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere…
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It’s Been Real (Weird)

Scion began at the dawn of a new century, as a new effort to understand a brand new generation.

“We were looking at Generation Y. Back then, they were too young to buy cars,” says Jim Lentz, the brand’s first vice president and now Toyota Motor North America CEO. “We knew that we needed to understand that generation really well or we were going to be challenged…
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Ready For Prime Time

Toyota Takes The Wraps Off Its Most Advanced And Fuel-Efficient Plug-In Hybrid Ever
Ready for Prime Time

Twenty-two miles. When you’re driving a car, that doesn’t sound like much. But when that vehicle is the 2017 Prius Prime, it could fundamentally change the way you get around on a day-to-day basis.

That’s because those 22 miles represent what Toyota projects as the estimated electric-only range of this next-generation plug-in hybrid—unveiled at the New York International…
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Corolla Party!

On its 50th birthday, Corolla gets an update and a special edition
Corolla Party!

There are plenty of ways to think about 50 years.

For one, in the last 50 years we’ve had 20 James Bond movies, featuring six actors playing the title character.

We’ve also had four Tonight Show hosts and nine U.S. presidents.

And 11 generations of Corolla.

The first Corolla rolled off the line in Japan in 1966. In 1968, it…
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So much more than a standard mid-cycle refresh
Turning up the Heat

Fueled in part by low gas prices, SUV's have been hot hot hot these days---and Highlander is more than keeping pace. Sales of Toyota's midsize SUV were up 11% through the first 2 months of 2016 and posted their best February ever.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right?

Not exactly. Toyota, never one to rest on its laurels, is readying an…
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Toyota Motor North America Inspires K-College Students

  • This sponsorship strengthens the AWIM STEM experience into K-8 classrooms where Toyota team members live and work.
  • There are currently over 110,000 K-8 students enrolled in AWIM in all 50 states.
  • The AWIM “LearnTwice” initiative will provide a memorable learning experience for K-8 students, as well as university students participating in the SAE Colligate Design Series.
Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced a gift of $1 million to strengthen and expand access to “A…
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Despite Tesla's success, Toyota hypes hydrogen cars


Despite all the hoopla over Tesla's and General Motors' long-range electric cars, Toyota is still making the case for hydrogen as a better alternative.

Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, known as the father of the Prius hybrid, believes hydrogen fuel cell cars have the greatest long-term potential for reducing energy usage and emissions for the automotive industry -- as long as an adequate refueling infrastructure is developed.

Toyota has been talking about the potential benefits of…
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